Are moving companies regulated in florida?

Know your rights and responsibilities before selecting estimates for an interstate moving company. The estimate must clearly describe, in writing, all charges for the services to be performed by the moving company. Make sure the quote is signed by the moving company. The service order is a list of all the services that the moving company will perform and shows the dates when your household items will be collected and delivered.

Bill of Lading The bill of lading is a contract between you and the moving company and a receipt for your belongings. You must receive a partially completed copy of the bill of lading before the vehicle leaves the original residence. Interstate Moving Dispute Resolution Program Before moving your household items, interstate moving companies must provide you with information about their dispute resolution program. Moving companies must offer a neutral arbitration program as a means of resolving disputes that may arise in connection with the loss or damage of their household items.

Applicable transportation charges The charges that an interstate moving company applies for its services must be included in a published rate, which you must make available to you if you request it. If you think a moving company has overcharged you, you can contact the Federal Ground Transportation Board at (86) 254-1792 for assistance. During this period, ask at least three moving companies to evaluate the items to be moved and provide a detailed estimate. Many consumer complaints received by the Palm Beach County Department of Consumer Affairs refer to moves that cross the Florida state border.

Most moving companies offer limited liability insurance that is based on the weight of your assets, and may not cover the cost of replacing your belongings. Regardless of where the moving company is located, the federal government prevents states from regulating these moves. Before moving your assets, moving companies must give you a brochure and a brochure entitled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. Loss or damage of merchandise in interstate moves If your products are damaged or missing upon delivery, ask the moving company for a claim form from the moving company.

Keep in mind that weekend rates tend to be higher, both for truck rental agencies and for moving companies. The end of May and August is usually a busy time for moving companies, so it's best, if possible, to schedule a move during the spring or late fall. Moving companies are required to assume basic responsibility through a legal liability assessment and insurance coverage. The Department of Transportation is responsible for regulating interstate household goods moving companies.